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Search for manufacturers of your products

We will find reliable manufacturers of your products! From us you receive a report with a list of potential buyers who have shown interest and are ready to enter into substantive negotiations with your company.


Search for business partners in Russia and abroad

According to your requests, our company starts searching for and attracting business partners to your company. From us you will receive a report with partners who are ready to enter into substantive negotiations with your company.


Organization of participation of companies in exhibition events

We will provide a list of events, participation in which will bring the greatest efficiency to your business. You save time on organizing and participating in the exhibition, as well as new business partners and contracts.


Organization of negotiations with foreign partners

Organization of negotiations on behalf of the company or joint participation with representatives of CIBC SALIZ in negotiations with potential buyers who have shown interest in your company’s products. Attracting foreign partners.


Marketing research

It is the process of assessing, determining, modeling and predicting changes in the market environment and in the field of activity of the analyzed company. Marketing analysis is carried out by CIBC SALIZ through the study of statistical and economic data, as well as other important aspects and phenomena of the market as a field of activity of the enterprise.


Investment projects with the involvement of international investors

Our task is to find and attract international investors to participate in various projects on the territory of the Russian Federation. We are an active participant in Russian and international business forums and conferences.



Transport logistics is one of the areas of the CIBC SALIZ company can offer the best routes and competitive prices. The cost of international transportation of goods is determined by the characteristics of the cargo, the length of the route and the transport chosen for delivery.

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Customs clearance

Import / export customs clearance is an integral part of the procedure for the legal movement of goods to the territory of the Russian Federation, which is one of our directions. The SALIZ company is ready to provide clients with consultations and services concerning all the intricacies of import / export clearance.


Certification, patenting, licensing

CIBC SALIZ provides a service for the certification of your products, which must comply with legal requirements, Registration of intellectual property objects (Patents) and Licensing of your activities.


Placement of goods and services on international trading platforms

You provide us with information about your organization – specialization, description of products / services, presentation materials, as well as a list of countries in which you are interested in entering the market. We analyze the information and offer you trading platforms, the placement on which will be most effective for you.


Ready solutions

One of the areas of CIBC SALIZ is trade in consumer goods. Due to the presence of partners in Asia, Europe, the USA, we can offer a turnkey solution for various products that meet high quality standards. When choosing a ready-made solution, you significantly save time and money by ordering goods from trusted suppliers.


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